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CST Certification Training

CSA has developed and delivered certified Construction Surveillance Technician (CST) training employed within the Intelligence Community and Department of Defense military commands for ICD 705 SCIF projects. These training courses have been customized to meet the needs of the respective agencies and commands.  

In order to address the necessity for cost-effective training solutions, that also minimize impact to the project, training courses are designed to be delivered local to the project site and utilize the construction drawings and specifications of the project. This approach has been proven as a successful model in both CONUS and OCONUS applications. 

Target Audience

Personnel required to meet ICD 705 requirements to perform the role of a Construction Surveillance Technician. 

Course Overview

Some of the topics included in the 40-hour CST training include:

  • ICD-705 Introduction and In-Depth Explanation

  • Introduction to and Practical Application with Construction Drawings

  • Introduction to Safety on Construction Site Security Projects

  • Construction Site Security Overview

  • Surveillance Principles and Tactics for the CST

  • Counterintelligence as it Relates to Construction Site Security

  • Introduction to Covert Listening Devices & Associated Threats

  • Introduction to TEMPEST & Associated Threats

  • 16 Major Divisions of Construction & Associated Threats

  • Daily Reporting Process and Requirements

  • Construction Activity Prioritization

  • Secure Storage Area & Material Inspections

  • Secure Shipment

Trainees are also evaluated through a series of examinations that must be passed in order to receive certification. 

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SSM Certification Training

Filling the role of the Site Security Manager (SSM) in accordance with ICD 705 requires a degree of insight which if attempted to learn over the course of the project can greatly impact the project's cost, schedule, and risk to accreditation. We have developed a best practices approach to Site Security Management which equips the prospective SSM with the knowledge to implement ICD 705 requirements, develop and maintain an updated Construction Security Plan (CSP), interface with the Accrediting Official (AO), work with the general contractor, and potentially manage site security personnel such as Construction Surveillance Technicians (CST) and Cleared American Guards (CAG). 

CSA has developed a true best practices approach utilizing the lessons learned from both current and former Site Security Managers, to put together a tailored SSM training based on our training modules to meet your specific needs.

Target Audience

Personnel who will be assigned as a Site Security Manager and managers who will be overseeing ICD 705 secure construction projects. 

Course Overview

Some of the topics included in the 20 hour SSM training include:

  • SSM Position and Staff

  • Developing a Site Security Personnel (CST, CAG, CAE) Staffing Plan

  • AO/SSO Roles and Relationships to the SSM

  • Construction Security Plan (CSP) Overview & Development

  • Construction Security Plan (CSP) Support Documents

  • Technical Countermeasures Implementation

  • Pre-Accreditation Inspections

  • Accreditation Planning

  • Developing Site Access Control Requirements

  • Determining Construction Activity Prioritization based on Risk/Threat Prioritization

  • Secure Storage Area Establishment & Management

  • Secure CONUS Procurement, Shipping, Certification, and Decertification

  • Material Inspection Methods

  • Local Material Procurement Methods

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Partnering With You

CSA brings real-world experience with successful delivery across the Intelligence Community both CONUS and OCONUS.

To learn more about how we can help, please contact us.

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