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TEMPEST Facility Design & Testing

 Where technical expertise and experience intersects

IEEE 299 & NSA 94-106

Protecting information from compromising emanations presents a unique set of challenges that requires a thorough understanding of applicable US Government policy coupled with technical field experience implementing countermeasures. Shielded enclosure testing from IEEE 299 standards through NSA 94-106 standards should only be accomplished by experienced practitioners. There are various methods to protecting facilities depending on the threat environment and physical construction of the space. Options for TEMPEST countermeasures of the physical space versus equipment is often far more cost effective and affords the end-user facility flexibility.

Allow CSA’s subject matter experts with over 4 million sq. ft. of accredited shielded space globally, to develop the most efficient and cost-effective means of implementing TEMPEST countermeasures and conduct performance testing for your facility to achieve accreditation.

TSCM Evaluations

TSCM evaluations and investigations of facilities, vehicles, and emanations are performed by experienced practitioners performing these services for the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community. Proper equipment, tradecraft, and experience is necessary when conducting initial assessments through evaluation of the targeted area. CSA's trained practitioners are industry leading experts in both state level and commercial tradecraft to conduct risk assessments, perform technical inspections, and locate hostile technical implantations. 

The stack of Special gypsum board with enhanced sound Acoustic insulation Plasterboard. Pa

Instrumented Acoustics Field Testing

Validating NIC & STC Acoustics Performance Standards

When constructing secure space, specialized engineering is required during the design and construction of wall, door, window, and other architectural assemblies in both amplified and non-amplified audio environments. Being able to properly design and select building materials to assemble in the correct manner is critical to proper acoustic performance the first time. Instrumented acoustic testing is the only method to accurately determine if performance standards have been met and properly mitigate accreditation risks. Acoustic failure at accreditation can result in costly remediations and significant delays to occupying a space for use. Our experience informs us the ideal materials and assemblies to ensure accreditation standards will be met the first time.

Allow our specialized field acoustics engineers ensure your acoustic performance from design through testing and accreditation.

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Partnering With You

CSA brings real-world experience with successful delivery across the Intelligence Community both CONUS and OCONUS.

To learn more about how we can help, please contact us.

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